Tips for Applicators when Applying a Regent Paints Coating System

  1. Check roof conditions and replace any broken tiles and ridge caps. Make sure you use second hand tiles.
  2. Check to ensure the tiles on your roof are not coated with a solvent based paint. Our coatings can only be applied to tiles coated with acrylic (water based) paints or raw tiles, i.e., where there is no colour on the tile.  To check the type of paint used, take a rag & put mineral turpentine on it. In an inconspicuous place on the roof, rub it in a circular motion pushing down medium pressure. If it removes colour from tile, then the coating is solvent based and can’t be coated with any of our coatings. If it becomes sticky and doesn’t cut through the colour then it is acrylic and can be coated using our products.
  3. Pressure clean roof using a petrol high powered pressure washer with a turbo head attached (recommendation is above 3500psi), then allow the roof to dry completely.
  4. Check the size of roof to determine how much paint is required.
    • A useful formula is as follows:
    • No. of squares (Housesize) x 10 x 1.3 x 2 divided by 85
    • Thus for a 25 sq. house, the number of 20 litre drums required is :
    • 25 x 10 x 1.3 x 2 = 650 divided by 85 is 7.65 drums, i.e., 8 drums of coloured topcoat.
    • Hence for a good tile, a 20 litre pail of topcoat will cover 85 square metres of roof area.
    • For a poor tile, 70 – 80 square metres.
    • A pail of Maxi Prime should cover 105 – 110 square metres for most roofs, including metal ones (for metal roofs, see also below).
  5. Check the type of Undercoat required
    • Here are some examples of the types of look you may find once cleaned.

(1tile examples) A raw tile needs Sealer.

(2) A Coloured tile and a metal roof requires Maxi Prime.

(3) A 50/50 and porous tile requires High Build Sealer.







Now choose the colour coat you would like for your roof.  You must do 2 x colour coats and use the recommended 5/19 spray tip.

For metal roofs please be advised

You must clean the roof as well as possible with a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly product. Also make sure there are no gum oils from leaves or sap on the roof, because gum oil will not wash off without envio clean being applied. As previously mentioned, make sure the roof is not coated with a solvent based paint.

  • When using Maxi Prime, spray from top to bottom in one continuous stream, i.e., this means from peak of roof to gutter and back up again.
  • Then allow 2 hours drying time before applying the second coat, this being the colour coat. Use the same method, i.e, top to bottom in one pass.
  • Then apply the third coat in the same way as others, i.e., top to bottom.

Please be aware we recommend doing one coat per day for best results. And remember, if the roof

is too HOT to touch, then it’s too HOT to paint.

For further information on any of the above, please contact us :